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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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Any artwork in here is awesome and their artists, twice as awesome ^^




Sailor Moon - Princess Small Lady Christmas Lily by AkabaraYashiki
Sailor Moon - Princess Small Lady Christmas Lily
Originally when I did the lineart for this I made it as a Christmas Card. Unfortunately I chose the wrong colours to colour it so it because just fanart lol.

Artist's Notes:
Mediums: copic markers, pencil, pen

Christmas Card - Miku by AkabaraYashiki
Christmas Card - Miku
A Christmas card for Cherriko Cosplay.

Artist's Notes:
mediums used: pencil, pen, copics

Christmas Card - Christmas Spirit by AkabaraYashiki
Christmas Card - Christmas Spirit
A Christmas card for Jo Bevvy Photography.

Artist's Notes:
mediums used: pencil, pen, copics

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan- Queen Gemsilica by AkabaraYashiki
Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan- Queen Gemsilica
Art dump!
I haven't drawn too much in the past year but during the Christmas season I pump out a few pieces of artwork either for fun or as Christmas cards :)

Grand Guignol Orchestra is definitely one of my favourite Kaori Yuki mangas <3 Queen Gemsilica is on my list to cosplay at Katsucon so here she is in full colour ^^

Artist's Notes:
This took several days to get her details right particularly her jewelry.



AkabaraYashiki's Profile Picture
Luna Touelle
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"If the photographer isn't laughing you're not doing it right." -Lunatique


Q-Do you make all your own costumes?

Q-Where do you buy your wigs?
Various places, mostly Ebay.

Q-Will you do a cosplay group with me?
PM me :)

Q-Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, but maybe in a little while.

Q-What conventions do you usually attend?
Katsucon, Otakon, AnimeUSA, Tigercon

Q-Can you put up tutorials?
Yes, if I deem something necessary I will put up a tutorial.

Q-Do you have a boyfriend?

More info:
Cosplay only -
School/Costume Design only -
Youtube -
Fanpage -…

Name: Luna
Aliases: Lunatique, Touelle Castella, Keiko Sonohara, Karin Roppongi, Naoto Hirose
Age: 22
Hobbies: Drawing, Cosplaying, Singing, Sewing, Writing, Watching Anime
Favourite Colour: Blue
Item of Interest: Red rose

Current Residence: Insignificant blue green planet circling the sun
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite photographer: Ashley Gosiengfiao
Favourite style of art: manga/comics
MP3 player of choice: Phillips
Wallpaper of choice: too many
Favourite cartoon characters: Train Heartnet, Ryougi Shiki, Lisette, Friederike, Orihara Izaya, Fuyumine Naoto, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime, Nine
Hello fellow deviants,

It has been an AWFUL long time since I last wrote, but I guess that's normal seeing as DA has taken a backseat in favour of Facebook, Cospix, ACP, and WorldCosplay. It has occurred me that I've almost had this deviantart account as long as I've been cosplaying so out of curiousity I crunched some numbers today on how many costumes I've done since I've started cosplaying in 2007 and came up with these:

2007 - total 1

1. Tomoe Hotaru (school uniform) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Otakon

2008 - total 6

2. Amane Misa (casual vers 1) DEATH NOTE - Otakon

3. Amane Misa (casual vers 2) - DEATH NOTE - Otakon

4. Freya (purple & black queen) - CHOBITS - Otakon

5. Kuran Yuuki (night class) - VAMPIRE KNIGHT - Otakon

6. Keiko Kubota (Sprinter PV) - KALAFINA 

7. Nakahara Sunako (casual) - YAMATO NADESHIKI SHICHI HENGE 

2009 - total 5

8. Ciel Phantomhive (komadori vers. 1.0) - KUROSHITSUJI - Otakon

9. Kirisaki Kyouko (casual) - BLACK CAT - Otakon

10. Ryougi Shiki (epilogue vers. 1.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI - Nekocon 

11. Bito Raimu (default) - SUBARASHIKI KONO SEKAI - AnimeUSA

12. Shall (default) - DREAM OF DOLL - AnimeUSA

2010 - total 7

13. Alice (default) - PANDORA HEARTS - Katsucon

14. Hatsune Miku (Acute) - VOCALOID - Sakura Matsuri

15. Ciel Phantomhive (Komadori vers. 2.0) - KUROSHITSUJI - Otakon

16. Black Rock Shooter (default) - BLACK ROCK SHOOTER - Otakon

17. Kendappa-Ou (default vers 1.0) - RG VEDA - AnimeUSA

18. Hatsune Miku (Secret Black Vow) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

19. C.C. (black dress) - CODE GEASS: HANGYAKU NO LELOUCH - AnimeUSA

2011 - total 9

20. C.C. (R2 uniform) - CODE GEASS: HANGYAKU NO LELOUCH R2 - Katsucon 

21. Hatsune Miku (Cantarella) - VOCALOID - Katsucon

22. Makise Kurisu (default) - STEINS; GATE - New York Comic Con

23. Hatsune Miku (Magnet) - VOCALOID - New York Comic Con

24. Kendappa-Ou (default 2.0) - RG VEDA

25. Lisette (2nd default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

26. Hatsune Miku (Venomania) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

27. Megurine Luka (Magnet) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

28. Sakura-hime (dream dress vers 1.0) - TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE - Tigercon

2012 - total 16

29. Panty Anarchy (default) - PANTY AND STOCKING WITH GARTERBELT - Katsucon

30. Saber (suit) - FATE ZERO - Katsucon 

31. Kendappa-Ou (art book) - RG VEDA - Katsucon (WCS)

32. Hatsune Miku (Deep Sea Girl) - VOCALOID - Katsucon

33. Hatsune Miku (Sandplay Singing of the Dragon) - VOCALOID - Sakura Matsuri NYC

34. Yuzuriha Inori (casual) - GUILTY CROWN - Sakura Matsuri

35. Honda Tohru (school uniform) - FRUITS BASKET - Otakon

46. Miyu (default) - VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU - Otakon

37. Poison Iv (original design) - BATMAN - Baltimore Comic Con

38. Kirito (default) - SWORD ART ONLINE - AnimeUSA 

39. Matou Sakura (school uniform) - FATE STAY NIGHT - AnimeUSA

40. Lisette/Red Hood (1st default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

41. Friederike (default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

42. Hatsune Miku (Saikin Osen) - VOCALOID 

43. Catherine (default) - CATHERINE - Tigercon 

44. Yuzuriha Inori (red leather&plaid) - GUILTY CROWN - Tigercon 

2013- total 20

45. Ib (default) - IB - Magfest 

46. Yukinokouji Nobara (youkai) - INU X BOKU SS - Katsucon

47. Sailor Saturn (infinity scout) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

48. Yuuki Asuna (Queen Titania vers. 1.0) - SWORD ART ONLINE - Katsucon

49. Yuzuriha Inori (euterpe original dress) - GUILTY CROWN - Katsucon

50. Minatsuki Saya (default) - BLACK CAT - Sakura Matsuri

51. Mikasa Ackerman (default 1.0) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN 

52. Yuuki Asuna (Queen Titania vers. 2.0) - SWORD ART ONLINE

53. Ryougi Shiki (default vers. 1.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI 

54. Neko (default) - K PROJECT - Otakon 

55. Yuuki Asuna (undine) - SWORD ART ONLINE - Otakon

56. Kunizuka Yayoi (default) - PSYCHO PASS - Otakon 

57. Mikasa Ackerman (default 2.0) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - Otakon 

58. Yuuki Asuna (cooking) - SWORD ART ONLINE 

59. Ruby Rose (default) - RWBY - Baltimore Comic Con

60. Enoshima Junko (default) - DANGAN RONPA - Tigercon

61. Tsukumo (default) - KARNEVAL - AnimeUSA

62. Kendappa-Ou (red vers.) - RG VEDA - AnimeUSA 

63. Kagamin Rin (Karakuri Burst) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

64. Mizutani Shizuku (school uniform) - TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUN - AnimeUSA

2014- total 25

65. Shirakiin Ririchiyo (winter uniform) - INU X BOKU SS - Katsucon 

66. Krista Lenz (default) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - Katsucon 

67. Princess Serenity (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

68. Watanuki Kimihiro (school uniform) - XXXHOLIC - Katsucon

69. So-Ah (red gown) - BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD - Katsucon

70. Mui (black kimono) - BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD - Katsucon - for Quinn Silver -

71. Matoi Ryuko (baseball jacket) - KILL LA KILL 

72. Yukimura Chizuru (default) - HAKUOUKI SHISENGUMI KITAN- Sakura Matsuri

73. Saitou Hajime (easten outfit) - HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN - for Lomelindi -

74. Matoi Ryuko (senketsu) - KILL LA KILL - Nipponcon

75. Reiroukan Misaya (default) - FATE PROTOTYPE - AnimeNEXT

76. Iki Hiyori (school uniform) - NORAGAMI - AnimeNEXT

77. Frey (default) - FISHEYE PLACEBO - Otakon

78. Fuyumine Naoto (blue jacket) - DOGS - Otakon 

79. Princess Lushita Toel Ul Laputa - CASTLE IN THE SKY 

80. Briar Rose (peasant dress) - SLEEPING BEAUTY 

81. Tohsaka Rin (school uniform) - FATE STAY NIGHT - Tigercon 

82. Kaneki Ken (waiter) - TOKYO GHOUL

83. Shirakiin Ririchiyo (summer uniform) - INU X BOKU SS - AnimeUSA

84. Kirishima Touka (school uniform) - TOKYO GHOUL - AnimeUSA

85. Kagamine Rin (Boss Death) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

86. Twelve (episode 2 outfit) - ZANKYOU NO TERROR - AnimeUSA

87. Twelve (double open heart) - ZANKYOU NO TERROR 

88. Okita Souji (eastern outfit) - HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN - AnimeUSA

89. Princess Aurora (Christmas dress) - SLEEPING BEAUTY 

2015- total (so far): 17

90. Fuyumine Naoto (black dress) - DOGS - Magfest

91. Princess Serenity (default vers. 2.0) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

92. Kuroko Tetsuya (middle school basketball jersey) - KUROKO NO BASKET - Katsucon

93. Black Lady (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

94. Kendappa-Ou (default 3.0.) - RG VEDA - Katsucon

95. Tohsaka Rin (default) - FATE STAY NIGHT - Katsucon

96. Yoon (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri - for Calenlass -

97. Hak (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri - for Quinn Silver -

98. Yona-hime (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri

99. Mistress 9 (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Colossalcon

100. Cardia Beckford (1st default) - CODE: REALIZE SOUSEI NO HIMEGIMI - Colossalcon

101. Hatsune Miku (7th Dragon/2020) - VOCALOID - Colossalcon

102. Princess Small Lady Serenity (princess dress) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Otakon 

103. Elizabeth Comstock/Anna DeWitt (2nd default) - BIOSHOCK INFINITE

104. Miyazono Kaori (2nd end theme) - SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO - for Vicissijuice -

105. Sakura-hime (dream dress vers. 2.0) - TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE

106. Ryougi Shiki (default vers. 2.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI - AnimeUSA

WHEW, I've been sewing up a storm since I've started, thank you my dear followers for being with me every step of the way. I've learned a lot in my pursuit of being the best designer/seamstress I can be and will continue to work hard! If you want to see more of my costume work check out these links:………


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planxtafroggie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiyas, I'd like to request an OC cosplay but I'm not sure how far away you live as of now. XP
AkabaraYashiki Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Student General Artist
i do not normally take commissions but go ahead and send me a picture, if it's something i can fit into my schedule i will pm you ^^
planxtafroggie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, my OC is a cute girl in pretty dress but requires an enormous hoopskirt/crinoline underneath for cosplay, so whether or not you're up for the challenge it's your decision. Here's the pic:…
AkabaraYashiki Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh no it's not a challenge at all, its just three circle skirts and a fitted blouse but I probably won't have time to do this for awhile since I work full time for the gov't and I'm making my own costumes for conventions >.>; If you give me a deadline say...after June I can try to make it work. ^^ let me know
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DavCker Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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So how have you been?
waywardgal Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for taking the time out to favorite my works. It means such a great deal to me that you enjoy my art, and I hope you can consider watching Hug

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