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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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Any artwork in here is awesome and their artists, twice as awesome ^^




Guilty Crown - Field Flower by AkabaraYashiki
Guilty Crown - Field Flower
A close up of my face and my poorly done makeup that day OTL

Photographer's Notes:
None, I didn't take it :)

photo by - Vicissijuice

Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth by AkabaraYashiki
Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth
This was meant to be a photostory but I got lazy xD
This was suppose to mimic the part of the game where Elizabeth binds up Booker's bleeding hand.

Photographer's Notes:
None, I didn't take it :)

photo by - Vicissijuice

Guilty Crown-Songstress by AkabaraYashiki
Guilty Crown-Songstress
Finally shot my design of the Inori Euterpe dress. This design is entirely my own and I sold the dress in August since I want to remake it :)

Photographer's Notes:
None, I didn't take it :)

photo by- Vicissijuice

Bioshock Infinite - Columbia by AkabaraYashiki
Bioshock Infinite - Columbia

I’m always the last one to get into an video games as I usually don’t have the system to play it on. This spring my boyfriend showed me Bioshock Infinite and I was immediately drawn towards it’s beautiful scenery and plot. Elizabeth is such a great AI so I felt I had to cosplayer her. She was made entirely out of pre-existing fabrics, I didn’t spend a penny on her. My boyfriend did Booker but because of the location we choose to shoot in we couldn’t pull out the revolver OTL

Photographer’s Notes:

None, I didn’t take it :)

Photo by – Vicissijuice

Booker is Host Quinn Silver


Tsubasa Chronicle - CLOW Country by AkabaraYashiki
Tsubasa Chronicle - CLOW Country
Finally remade my Sakura-hime outfit I debuted in 2011. This outfit is just a gazillion miles of long chiffon stripes and a plate of leather by a friend.

Photographer's Notes:
None, I didn't take it :)
photo by- Vicissijuice
Syaoran is Kuchizuke



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Luna Touelle
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"If the photographer isn't laughing you're not doing it right." -Lunatique


Q-Do you make all your own costumes?

Q-Where do you buy your wigs?
Various places, mostly Ebay.

Q-Will you do a cosplay group with me?
PM me :)

Q-Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, but maybe in a little while.

Q-What conventions do you usually attend?
Katsucon, Otakon, AnimeUSA, Tigercon

Q-Can you put up tutorials?
Yes, if I deem something necessary I will put up a tutorial.

Q-Do you have a boyfriend?

More info:
Cosplay only -
School/Costume Design only -
Youtube -
Fanpage -…

Name: Luna
Aliases: Lunatique, Touelle Castella, Keiko Sonohara, Karin Roppongi, Naoto Hirose
Age: 22
Hobbies: Drawing, Cosplaying, Singing, Sewing, Writing, Watching Anime
Favourite Colour: Blue
Item of Interest: Red rose

Current Residence: Insignificant blue green planet circling the sun
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite photographer: Ashley Gosiengfiao
Favourite style of art: manga/comics
MP3 player of choice: Phillips
Wallpaper of choice: too many
Favourite cartoon characters: Train Heartnet, Ryougi Shiki, Lisette, Friederike, Orihara Izaya, Fuyumine Naoto, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime, Nine
Hello fellow deviants,

It has been an AWFUL long time since I last wrote, but I guess that's normal seeing as DA has taken a backseat in favour of Facebook, Cospix, ACP, and WorldCosplay. It has occurred me that I've almost had this deviantart account as long as I've been cosplaying so out of curiousity I crunched some numbers today on how many costumes I've done since I've started cosplaying in 2007 and came up with these:

2007 - total 1

1. Tomoe Hotaru (school uniform) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Otakon

2008 - total 6

2. Amane Misa (casual vers 1) DEATH NOTE - Otakon

3. Amane Misa (casual vers 2) - DEATH NOTE - Otakon

4. Freya (purple & black queen) - CHOBITS - Otakon

5. Kuran Yuuki (night class) - VAMPIRE KNIGHT - Otakon

6. Keiko Kubota (Sprinter PV) - KALAFINA 

7. Nakahara Sunako (casual) - YAMATO NADESHIKI SHICHI HENGE 

2009 - total 5

8. Ciel Phantomhive (komadori vers. 1.0) - KUROSHITSUJI - Otakon

9. Kirisaki Kyouko (casual) - BLACK CAT - Otakon

10. Ryougi Shiki (epilogue vers. 1.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI - Nekocon 

11. Bito Raimu (default) - SUBARASHIKI KONO SEKAI - AnimeUSA

12. Shall (default) - DREAM OF DOLL - AnimeUSA

2010 - total 7

13. Alice (default) - PANDORA HEARTS - Katsucon

14. Hatsune Miku (Acute) - VOCALOID - Sakura Matsuri

15. Ciel Phantomhive (Komadori vers. 2.0) - KUROSHITSUJI - Otakon

16. Black Rock Shooter (default) - BLACK ROCK SHOOTER - Otakon

17. Kendappa-Ou (default vers 1.0) - RG VEDA - AnimeUSA

18. Hatsune Miku (Secret Black Vow) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

19. C.C. (black dress) - CODE GEASS: HANGYAKU NO LELOUCH - AnimeUSA

2011 - total 9

20. C.C. (R2 uniform) - CODE GEASS: HANGYAKU NO LELOUCH R2 - Katsucon 

21. Hatsune Miku (Cantarella) - VOCALOID - Katsucon

22. Makise Kurisu (default) - STEINS; GATE - New York Comic Con

23. Hatsune Miku (Magnet) - VOCALOID - New York Comic Con

24. Kendappa-Ou (default 2.0) - RG VEDA

25. Lisette (2nd default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

26. Hatsune Miku (Venomania) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

27. Megurine Luka (Magnet) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

28. Sakura-hime (dream dress vers 1.0) - TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE - Tigercon

2012 - total 16

29. Panty Anarchy (default) - PANTY AND STOCKING WITH GARTERBELT - Katsucon

30. Saber (suit) - FATE ZERO - Katsucon 

31. Kendappa-Ou (art book) - RG VEDA - Katsucon (WCS)

32. Hatsune Miku (Deep Sea Girl) - VOCALOID - Katsucon

33. Hatsune Miku (Sandplay Singing of the Dragon) - VOCALOID - Sakura Matsuri NYC

34. Yuzuriha Inori (casual) - GUILTY CROWN - Sakura Matsuri

35. Honda Tohru (school uniform) - FRUITS BASKET - Otakon

46. Miyu (default) - VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU - Otakon

37. Poison Iv (original design) - BATMAN - Baltimore Comic Con

38. Kirito (default) - SWORD ART ONLINE - AnimeUSA 

39. Matou Sakura (school uniform) - FATE STAY NIGHT - AnimeUSA

40. Lisette/Red Hood (1st default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

41. Friederike (default) - LUDWIG KAKUMEI - AnimeUSA

42. Hatsune Miku (Saikin Osen) - VOCALOID 

43. Catherine (default) - CATHERINE - Tigercon 

44. Yuzuriha Inori (red leather&plaid) - GUILTY CROWN - Tigercon 

2013- total 20

45. Ib (default) - IB - Magfest 

46. Yukinokouji Nobara (youkai) - INU X BOKU SS - Katsucon

47. Sailor Saturn (infinity scout) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

48. Yuuki Asuna (Queen Titania vers. 1.0) - SWORD ART ONLINE - Katsucon

49. Yuzuriha Inori (euterpe original dress) - GUILTY CROWN - Katsucon

50. Minatsuki Saya (default) - BLACK CAT - Sakura Matsuri

51. Mikasa Ackerman (default 1.0) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN 

52. Yuuki Asuna (Queen Titania vers. 2.0) - SWORD ART ONLINE

53. Ryougi Shiki (default vers. 1.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI 

54. Neko (default) - K PROJECT - Otakon 

55. Yuuki Asuna (undine) - SWORD ART ONLINE - Otakon

56. Kunizuka Yayoi (default) - PSYCHO PASS - Otakon 

57. Mikasa Ackerman (default 2.0) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - Otakon 

58. Yuuki Asuna (cooking) - SWORD ART ONLINE 

59. Ruby Rose (default) - RWBY - Baltimore Comic Con

60. Enoshima Junko (default) - DANGAN RONPA - Tigercon

61. Tsukumo (default) - KARNEVAL - AnimeUSA

62. Kendappa-Ou (red vers.) - RG VEDA - AnimeUSA 

63. Kagamin Rin (Karakuri Burst) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

64. Mizutani Shizuku (school uniform) - TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUN - AnimeUSA

2014- total 25

65. Shirakiin Ririchiyo (winter uniform) - INU X BOKU SS - Katsucon 

66. Krista Lenz (default) - SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - Katsucon 

67. Princess Serenity (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

68. Watanuki Kimihiro (school uniform) - XXXHOLIC - Katsucon

69. So-Ah (red gown) - BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD - Katsucon

70. Mui (black kimono) - BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD - Katsucon - for Quinn Silver -

71. Matoi Ryuko (baseball jacket) - KILL LA KILL 

72. Yukimura Chizuru (default) - HAKUOUKI SHISENGUMI KITAN- Sakura Matsuri

73. Saitou Hajime (easten outfit) - HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN - for Lomelindi -

74. Matoi Ryuko (senketsu) - KILL LA KILL - Nipponcon

75. Reiroukan Misaya (default) - FATE PROTOTYPE - AnimeNEXT

76. Iki Hiyori (school uniform) - NORAGAMI - AnimeNEXT

77. Frey (default) - FISHEYE PLACEBO - Otakon

78. Fuyumine Naoto (blue jacket) - DOGS - Otakon 

79. Princess Lushita Toel Ul Laputa - CASTLE IN THE SKY 

80. Briar Rose (peasant dress) - SLEEPING BEAUTY 

81. Tohsaka Rin (school uniform) - FATE STAY NIGHT - Tigercon 

82. Kaneki Ken (waiter) - TOKYO GHOUL

83. Shirakiin Ririchiyo (summer uniform) - INU X BOKU SS - AnimeUSA

84. Kirishima Touka (school uniform) - TOKYO GHOUL - AnimeUSA

85. Kagamine Rin (Boss Death) - VOCALOID - AnimeUSA

86. Twelve (episode 2 outfit) - ZANKYOU NO TERROR - AnimeUSA

87. Twelve (double open heart) - ZANKYOU NO TERROR 

88. Okita Souji (eastern outfit) - HAKUOUKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN - AnimeUSA

89. Princess Aurora (Christmas dress) - SLEEPING BEAUTY 

2015- total (so far): 17

90. Fuyumine Naoto (black dress) - DOGS - Magfest

91. Princess Serenity (default vers. 2.0) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

92. Kuroko Tetsuya (middle school basketball jersey) - KUROKO NO BASKET - Katsucon

93. Black Lady (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Katsucon

94. Kendappa-Ou (default 3.0.) - RG VEDA - Katsucon

95. Tohsaka Rin (default) - FATE STAY NIGHT - Katsucon

96. Yoon (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri - for Calenlass -

97. Hak (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri - for Quinn Silver -

98. Yona-hime (default) - AKATSUKI NO YONA - Sakura Matsuri

99. Mistress 9 (default) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Colossalcon

100. Cardia Beckford (1st default) - CODE: REALIZE SOUSEI NO HIMEGIMI - Colossalcon

101. Hatsune Miku (7th Dragon/2020) - VOCALOID - Colossalcon

102. Princess Small Lady Serenity (princess dress) - BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON - Otakon 

103. Elizabeth Comstock/Anna DeWitt (2nd default) - BIOSHOCK INFINITE

104. Miyazono Kaori (2nd end theme) - SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO - for Vicissijuice -

105. Sakura-hime (dream dress vers. 2.0) - TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE

106. Ryougi Shiki (default vers. 2.0) - KARA NO KYOUKAI - AnimeUSA

WHEW, I've been sewing up a storm since I've started, thank you my dear followers for being with me every step of the way. I've learned a lot in my pursuit of being the best designer/seamstress I can be and will continue to work hard! If you want to see more of my costume work check out these links:………


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